Friday, July 15, 2022

Arrive in Stuttgart
From 15.00h Registrations, Infopoint Neubau 2

16.00h Welcome and Introduction to the AA Visiting School Programme, Marianne Mueller & Chrissie Muhr, AA Visiting School Heads, Room 116.1, Neubau 1
16.30h Welcome by AA Visiting School Director Chris Pierce
16.45h Students present themselves
18.00h Welcome by ABK Dean Dr. Barbara Bader

Evening: ABK ‘Rundgang’ End of Year Exhibition Opens, Award Ceremonies and Student’s Party

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Field Trip to Stuttgart, Ostfildern
12.00h Welcome by KulturRegion Stuttgart, Marktplatz Scharnhauser Park, Stuttgart, Ostfildern
Visit of selected sites led by Tobias Ruppert

Evening: Visit to Wagenhallen or ABK Rundgang

Sunday, July 17, 2022

10.00h Thematic Input ‘About Tomorrow’, Marianne Mueller & Chrissie Muhr, Room 116.1, Neubau 1
Individual design work starts, informal discussions and tutorials
17.00h Show and Tell

optional or inbetween: Monsters Exhibition Tour by AA Photographic Head, Sue Barr at the Lapidarium Stuttgart (15.00h), Guided tours through the Weissenhof Estate, Life Music in front of Weissenhof Museum / Corbusier House, Evening concert “Sound – body – space. Le Corbusier’s modulor and the music” (19.00h – 20.30h)

Monday, July 18, 2022

9.30h Daily Workshop Briefing, Marianne Mueller & Chrissie Muhr, Room 116.1, Neubau 1
10.00h Key notes by Marjan van Aubel (Solar Design + Solar Biennale) and Matylda Krzykowski (The Energy Show) followed by discussion

12.00h Elevator pitch 1: students present individual ideas
design work in small groups, informal discussions and tutorials
16.00h Elevator pitch 2: students present collective ideas

18.00h Visit to Transsolar Offices in Stuttgart Vaihingen, Input ‘Solar Design’ by Matthias Rudolph, Climate Engineer, Transsolar

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

9.30h Daily Workshop Briefing, Marianne Mueller & Chrissie Muhr and Matthias Rudolph, Glasbox, Neubau 1
design work in small groups, informal discussions and tutorials, individual site visits
16.00h Solar Pavilion: Show and Tell

Evening: Event at ABK, Foyer Neubau 2

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

9.30h Daily Workshop Briefing
collective work in studio, final individual site visits
prepare final collective proposals and presentations

Evening: Beer Garden Karlshöhe or IGmA-DAY: exhibition opening “Late Entries – Weissenhof 2027” from 17.00 Uhr, Stuttgart University, 6th floor foyer im 6. Stock

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Morning: last preparations

13.00h Solar Pavilion: Final Presentation with AA Visiting School Staff, representatives from KulturRegion Stuttgart, Transsolar and invited Guests, Glasbox, Neubau 1, 16.00h Round-Up and Conclusions
Evening: Closing Party

Friday, July 22, 2022



September 5 to September 16, 2022
Fabrication of Solar Pavilion by KulturRegion Stuttgart and local students

September 23 to October 16
Solar Pavilion in use at KulturRegion Stuttgart Festival “About Tomorrow”

July 22, 2022