September 7, 2018

Arrive in Stuttgart

16.00h Registrations
17.00h Welcome and Introduction to the Visiting School Programme, Marianne Mueller & Fahim Mohammadi
17.30h Students present themselves
18.30h Introduction to Workshop Brief, Marianne Mueller
Welcome Drinks & Dinner

September 8, 2018

9.00h Expert Workshop 1: “Scenario Making”, Birgit Gebhardt / Trend Expert
16.30h Forum / Show & Tell

Evening: Falafel-Dinner Downtown, Bermudadreieck, Frittybar

September 9, 2018

9.00h Expert Workshop 2: “Material Experimentation”, Natalie Weinmann / Industrial Designer & Max Urban / Nano Reseacher
17.00h Forum / Show & Tell

Evening: Film Night

September 10, 2018

9.00h Expert Workshop 3: “World Building”, Johannes Mücke / Wideshot, all day

Evening: Killesbergpark / Biergarten

September 11, 2018

9.00h Expert Workshop 3 continues
14.00h Welcome by the Tobias Wallisser, Prorektor Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design, Forum / Show & Tell

16.00h Visit to ICD, Institute for Computational Design and Construction, Stuttgart University, guided by Katja Rinderspacher

Evening: Habour Tour

September 12, 2018

9.00h Expert Workshop 4: “Project Phase”, Taneli Mansikkamäki, founder of AGO and AA tutor, all day

13.00h guided tour of Weißenhofsiedlung

Evening: La Signorina + Marienplatz + Santiago de Chile Platz

September 13, 2018

9.00h Expert Workshop 4 continues

16.00h Visit to Mercedez Benz Museum by UnStudio, guided by Markus Betz

Evening: Hall of Fame + River tour

September 15, 2018

morning: Set up exhibition & presentation

14.00h Final presentation with workshop tutors, Visiting School Team and invited guests
18.00h Exhibition opening
AA certificate handover
Closing Party

September 16, 2018