AA Honors Presentation

Architectural Association


The AA School is one of the most renown and forward-thinking schools of architecture in the world with an extensive programme of events, publications and exhibitions.

Klasse Roggan, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design is one of the biggest and oldest art schools in Germany. Architecture is taught in the context of the arts, with other departments comprising sculpture, painting, media, industrial, costume, set and textile design, graphic and communication design as well as art history and restauration.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Weißenhof Estate

The school is located adjacent to the reknown Weissenhof Estate. Constructed in 1927 by architects such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius amongst others, it was an experimental prototype for future ways of living and a showcase for a new of architectural movement later known as the international style.

Tomorrow: International Building Exhibition (IBA), Stuttgart  2027

The Stuttgart region is a region with the highest density of scientific, academic and research organisations in Germany and an industry leader and leader in artificial intelligence. The future of building is high on the Stuttgart’s agenda, hosting its second International Building Exhibition (IBA) in 2027.