AA Visiting School at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

7th – 15th September 2018

The laboratory is a cross-disciplinary initiative of the Architectural Association and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. The laboratory brings together architects, artists, designers and researchers to speculate about focused agendas. The laboratory uses collective forms of teaching and learning, challenging disciplinary boundaries as well as the traditional student – teacher relationship.


Future eating, future drinking, future love, future commuting, future dressing, shopping, working – what will our everyday life be like in the future? An aging population, artificially grown meat, a ban on plastics and further increased mobility? What role will architecture and design play in this context?

The Laboratory will look into possible near futures through an exploration of our social, cultural, spatial and technological present. The workshops will be run by experts from different fields and participants will develop focused narratives about our life tomorrow by addressing today’s challenges in the realm of everyday life.

Technical input will include structured writing, model and image making. A series of field trips will give participants the opportunity to explore centres of innovation in and around Stuttgart.

The laboratory will be based at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, one of the oldest and biggest art schools in Germany sited adjacent to the Weissenhof Estate. Constructed in 1927 by architects such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius amongst others, it was an experimental prototype for future ways of living and a showcase for a new of architectural movement later known as the international style. 100 years on, the future of building is once again high on the Stuttgart’s agenda, hosting its second International Building Exhibition (IBA) in 2027.

To conclude this Visiting School, we will hold a public presentation as well as an exhibition and publication of the work.