The Laboratory – Foresight

Friday 6 – Saturday 14 September 2019

The Laboratory is a cross-disciplinary initiative that brings together architects, artists, designers and researchers to speculate about our life in the future through an exploration of our social, cultural, spatial and technological present. It is based at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, one of the oldest and biggest art schools in Germany sited adjacent to the reknown Weissenhof Estate, an ambitious prototype for future ways of living and experimental showcase.

The Laboratory uses collective forms of teaching and learning. Last year, we worked with a trend analyst, a nano researcher, an industrial designer, an entertainment designer and an architect to develop visions of our everyday life in tomorrow’s world. For Foresight, we will work with fine art photographers and screen writers to capture emerging glimpses of our life in the near future.

Technical input will include methods of observing and researching, digital photography, image production and image manipulation as well as creative and structured writing. Again, the work will be documented in a publication and shown in an exhibition.

A series of field trips will give participants the opportunity to explore centres of innovation in and around Stuttgart, a region with an unusual concentration of research facilities and a leader in artificial intelligence.

Prominent Features of the workshop/ skills developed

Skills developed

  • – Understanding of current developments, socially, culturally, spatially and technologically and their  possible impact onto our shared future
  • – Understanding of the limits and possibilities of architecture in this context
  • – Development of an awareness of the culture and politics of images
  • – Development of observational skills and sensitivities
  • – Development of the ability to construct a narrative through images and written text

Technical Input

  • – Introduction to methods of fast paced and structured research
  • – Introduction to digital fine art photography, image production, manipulation and reception, technically and culturally
  • – Introduction to creative writing and narrative building

Prominent Features

  • – Working and communicating with experts from other fields
  • – Guest lecturers and critics from different disciplinary fields
  • – Programme of visits
  • – Production of a book and an exhibition